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Hassell Family Law’s Smarter Path for divorce is a proven process designed to achieve your successful divorce in Montgomery County and Harris County, Texas

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No matter what kind of issues you face regarding your children or your assets, navigating a divorce in Montgomery County and Harris County Texas can be a complex journey. I'm here to guide you through the divorce process with clarity, efficiency, and transparency. Learn more about my focused practice areas below. 

Practice Areas

Facing a divorce is daunting. Whether you're in Montgomery County or Harris County, you should not do it alone. I'm your go-to source for personalized divorce solutions designed to get you through the divorce process and to the other side. Let's work together to secure the best outcome for you.

Learn More About Divorce

Asset and debt division is more than just numbers on paper; it is personal and emotional. As your Property Division Attorney, I will ensure you are thoroughly prepared, knowledgeable about the law related to your case, and ready to pursue a favorable division of your marital assets and debts.

Learn More About Property Division

Your business is not just an asset; it's your livelihood. I practice law extensively in Divorce for Business Owners, and I’ll help you navigate the unique challenges this situation represents. I use my experiences in the financial sector and the legal field to protect both your personal and business interests in the event of a divorce.

Learn More About Business Owner Divorce

Seeking a more structured, alternative resolution to your divorce in Texas? One that takes place outside of a courtroom with trusted professionals working in tandem with both you and your spouse? Collaborative Divorce may be the answer. I'm well-versed in the Collaborative Divorce process and the benefits this alternative offers to conventional adversarial litigation.

Learn More About Collaborative Divorce

Identifying community property and separate property and understanding how to address divorce matters related to separate property is crucial, both to preserve separate property assets and to obtain an equitable division of community property. Let's work together to resolve these complexities in your divorce.

Learn More About Separate Property

Divorce may not be in your near future, but if you own a business that was started prior to marriage, if you have significant separate property, or you are considering make changes to your business during marriage, you should consult with me to find out the best way to protect your assets in the event of a divorce.

Learn More About Business and Marital Property Consulting

The well-being of your children is paramount during a divorce. Choosing the right strategy to address custody issues can make all the difference in your experience, and also minimize the impacts of your divorce on your children. Drawing on my past experiences as a child of divorce and a parent during divorce, I will guide you on the best path for you and your family.

Learn More About Divorce with Children

High Net-Worth Divorce

A High Net-Worth Divorce comes with special situations and specific factors based upon your personal financial circumstances. As a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney serving Montgomery County and Harris County, Texas, I offer tailored strategies to protect your valuable assets and put you in a position for success personally and financially after divorce.

Learn More About High Net-Worth Divorce

Are you facing the division of high-value properties or complex assets, like separate property, real estate, retirement, investments, or business interests? I bring a focused lens to complex asset division, identifying issues and navigating circumstances unique to your case and complex assets in divorce.

Learn More About the Division of Complex Assets

Plan for the unexpected without taking romance out of the equation. As your Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer, I help draft agreements that protect your assets and prevent future disputes in the event of a divorce.

Learn More About Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Arbitration is an alternative to the traditional courtroom trial in front of a Judge. Arbitration offers a more private proceeding, with less formalities and pressures of a courtroom. Arbitration may be appropriate for your Montgomery County or Harris County, Texas divorce. If arbitration is right for your case, I will prepare you and facilitate a smoother process to a final decision in your case.

Learn More About Arbitration

Mediation is the most common means of resolving your divorce without resorting to adversarial litigation in a courtroom. As your Divorce Mediation Attorney, I will prepare you and guide you through the divorce process so when it comes time for mediation, we are ready to negotiate a settlement agreement that works for your unique needs.

Learn More About Mediation

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